Tesla’s Hidden Holism

Today, without a doubt one can say that the work of Nikola Tesla has a lot of hidden ideas, as in the time when he created, and in the „postponed time“, when later we research the documentations in his professional and scientific legacy. In addition to above, can be presented significant Tesla’s records, which testify Tesla’s holistic approach to the natural systems, through a higher degree of interdependence of parts within the whole, as well as the interdependence of each part of the whole to which it belongs. By this, the „higher level dependency“ can be understood in the sense that a whole is not a simple sum of the parts and the relationships that it (the whole) make, but also for the relation of the parts to the environment, as well as the relation of the whole and connection to the environment, wherein the „environment“, among other things, is a series of natural numbers, with its principles and laws; and that „others“ are the principles of the organizing the Universal Code of Nature, which code will also be presented.

‘s hidden holism