In this book we have shown new facts about Njegosh’s work. For the first time it is shown that Njegosh’s scenario of building of structure and composition for the entire Triptich, The Ray of the Microcosm (Luča mikrokozma), The Mountain Wreath (Gorski vijenac) and The False Tzar Stephan the Small (Lažni car Šćepan Mali), is in full accordance with the scenario of building of structures and compositions of the natural codes (chemical and genetic codes). For example, number of verses within the complementary cantos of The Ray (1 and 4; 2 and 5; 3 and 6) is determined by Fibonacci series at the same manner as the genetic code structures are determined. Both, Njegosh’s and natural codes scenarios are in acordance with the three crucial principles: (1) The principle of the best possible symmetry (binary symmetry), (2) The principle of the best possible proportion (Golden Mean) and (3) The principle of the best possible harmony (the harmony of the Trinity – Quaternity system).