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Miloje M. Rakocevic – doctor of chemistry, full professor at the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Niš, where he teaches the methodology, philosophy and history of natural sciences. He also teaches in postgraduate studies at the Centre for Molecular Machines of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade (the theory of the genetic code and information biology). He is primarily dealing with investigations of the possible existence of a universal code of nature on examples of the genetic code and the chemical code (the periodic table of chemical elements), and also on examples of literary classics (Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Pushkin, Njegoš, Tolstoy…) (works published in the journals Književnost (Literature), Srpski književni glasnik (Serbian Literary Gazette) etc. He has published several monographs: Genetičke informacije (Genetic Information) (Stručna knjiga, Belgrade, 1988), Geni, molekuli, jezik (Genes, Molecules, Language) (Naučna knjiga, Belgrade, 1988), Logic of the Genetic Code (Naučna knjiga, Belgrade, 1994), Genetic Code as a Unique System (SKC, Niš, 1997), Njegošev iskonski logos (Njegoš’s Ancient Logos) I and II (Interpres, Belgrade, I – 2000 and II – 2003). He has also published a substantial number of scientific works, both in home and international journals (Journal of Theoretical Biology; Biosystems; Bulletin of Mathematical Biology). He is an expert in the field of genetic biochemistry and general chemistry at the national level, as well as in the field of “the initial genetic information” in the international Organiyation “Origin of Life Foundation” – The gene emergent project, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA.

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