Genetic code as an image of the mirror image. Supplement 1

Searching for the answer to the question why – in the generating of the genetic code – only mirror symmetrical left and not right amino acids (AAs) were selected, in a previous work we showed the existence of a double Boolean „triangle“ in mirror symmetry, with superposition of the top vertices: 00 -11-22 / 22-11-00 → 00-11-22-11-00 [0 as 000; 1 as 001; 2 as 010] (Rakočević, 2019a). The resulting sequence, summed with the binary sequence of a 6-bit binary tree, split with a mirror in the middle (101/010) [as in Dirac’s positron / electron mirror], results in a sequence of decimal number system: 02-13-24-16-05, where a smaller number (010 = 2) was added three times and a larger number (101 = 5) twice (Survey 1).