Svi članci od Miloje Rakocevic

Genetic code: the unity of chemism and semiosis, A hypothesis (Synopsis)

This synopsis announces a regular paper on the same topic it provides evidence for three hypotheses: The unity of chemism and semiosis within genetic code; Boolean spaces are key determinants of the genetic code, and third: perfect and friendly numbers (as quantities within Boolean spaces) are key determinants of the Genetic code. DOI 10.31219/

GC, Chemism and Semiosis

A new type of mirror symmetry in the set of protein amino acids

In several previous works, I presented the mirror symmetry in the set of protein amino acids, expressed through the number of atoms. Here, however, the same thing is shown but over the number of nucleons and molecules mass. Compared to the previous version of the paper, minimal changes have been made, and Display 2 as well as Figures 3 and 4 have been added.(arXiv:2108.01563v4 [q-bio.BM])


AAs mirroring

Genetic code research: a precognition result (II)

In this second part of the short communication (Ref. 2), we give an argument more in favor of the validity of the precognition status of the final result of my 40 years of genetic code researches. …

U ovom drugom delu kratkog saopštenja (Ref. 2) dajemo argument više u prilog validnosti statusa prekognicije finalnog rezultata mojih 40-godišnjih istraživanja genetskog koda.


GC precognition (II)



Genetic code research: a precognition result (I)

This short communication reveals final result of my 40 years of research into the genetic code with the status of a precognition in the sense that it was seen in one of my dreams 75 years ago.

U ovom kratkom saopštenju obelodanjuje se finalni rezultat mojih 40-godišnjih istraživanja genetskog koda sa statusom prekognicije u smislu što je viđen u snu pre 75 godina.

Genetic Code precognition


System-directed pairing of protein amino acids. Part I

Abstract. The idea of this review paper is as follows. If it can be shown (and it can!) that the pairing of protein amino acids is system-directed (determined), then the hypothesis of a prebiotically determined genetic code (Rakočević, 2004a) gets its full meaning. The hypothesis is supported by the fact that all these pairings come to the fore primarily through classes and subclasses of amino acid molecules. …

[The previous three versions have been deleted]

AAs pairing, 30. 04. 2021


Tesla’s Hidden Holism

Today, without a doubt one can say that the work of Nikola Tesla has a lot of hidden ideas, as in the time when he created, and in the „postponed time“, when later we research the documentations in his professional and scientific legacy. In addition to above, can be presented significant Tesla’s records, which testify Tesla’s holistic approach to the natural systems, through a higher degree of interdependence of parts within the whole, as well as the interdependence of each part of the whole to which it belongs. By this, the „higher level dependency“ can be understood in the sense that a whole is not a simple sum of the parts and the relationships that it (the whole) make, but also for the relation of the parts to the environment, as well as the relation of the whole and connection to the environment, wherein the „environment“, among other things, is a series of natural numbers, with its principles and laws; and that „others“ are the principles of the organizing the Universal Code of Nature, which code will also be presented.

‘s hidden holism

Његошева по(и)етика


Књига се састоји од осам поглавља и седам прилога, осветљених сада,
у заједништву, потпуно новим насловом – Његошева по(и)етика. Зашто
тако, објашњено је у двема пролегоменама, у првом и последњем, осмом
поглављу. Идући од поглавља до поглавља, сада у оквиру ове књиге, одређе-
ни делови су се нужно и неминовно морали поновити због тога што то тако
налаже наративни дискурс, у смислу да се прича мора испричати онако како
је изворно била дата, у свом првом изворнику.NJEGOSEVA PO(I)ETIKA

Essays on natural codes: probably and improbably (I)

Corrections in relation to Preprint versions (OSF Preprints and viXra) are given in 6, 7, 14, 15 pages, marked in red. Footnotes in both language versions: 1 – 10.

Ispravke u odnosu na a Preprint verzije (OSF Preprints and viXra) date su na str. 6, 7, 14, 15, označene crveno. Fusnote u obe jezičke verzije: 1 – 10.

Essays on natura codes (I)

Analogies of genetic and chemical code. Supplement 1 (Supplement to: Polyhedron 153, 2018, 292–298, Elsevier)

Abstract: In the original work, for which this is a Supplement, I presented analogies of the genetic and chemical code (Rakočević 2018b, in relation to the source work from 1991). (Further: instead of „Rakočević“ I use the abbreviation „MMR“.) There I gave three Tables of the Periodic System of the Elements (PSE) in which I dealt with the problem of stable and unstable elements; in the sense that an unstable element is one that possesses at least one primordially unstable isotope, while elements that do not possess such isotopes are stable. … [Original paper: Polyhedron 153 (2018) 292–298, Elsevier. An expanded version of the original paper whose Supplement this is: OSF Preprint DOI 10.31219/]

Analogies of GC and CC, Suppl 1