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Genetic code as a unique system

Final comments: How has the genetic code become „from the beginning“ that what it was: why with those bases and that exact number of bases; why with those amino acids and why with that exact number of amino acids; with exactly 3 „stop“ codons in the alphabet which functions on the level of words, with exactly one termination situation in the alphabet which functions on the level of letters (as showed graphically in Figure 1 in Shcherbak, 1994, p 475)? All this follows from a strict determination by nucleon number presented in chapter 4 and a strict determination based on physical and chemical parameters presented in chapter 6. The genetic code, therefore, must be universal for life which could exist anywhere in the universe (with this the answer to question 1 from the Introduction has been given). But it is not universal in the sense that there is one-meaning correspondence between the words of one alphabet and the letters of the other alphabet in all cases. …

GC as a unique system