Mesečne arhive: jul 2020

Analogies of genetic and chemical code. Supplement 1 (Supplement to: Polyhedron 153, 2018, 292–298, Elsevier)

Abstract: In the original work, for which this is a Supplement, I presented analogies of the genetic and chemical code (Rakočević 2018b, in relation to the source work from 1991). (Further: instead of „Rakočević“ I use the abbreviation „MMR“.) There I gave three Tables of the Periodic System of the Elements (PSE) in which I dealt with the problem of stable and unstable elements; in the sense that an unstable element is one that possesses at least one primordially unstable isotope, while elements that do not possess such isotopes are stable. … [Original paper: Polyhedron 153 (2018) 292–298, Elsevier. An expanded version of the original paper whose Supplement this is: OSF Preprint DOI 10.31219/]

Analogies of GC and CC, Suppl 1