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On the completeness of genetic code: some new examples



In the paper is presented the chemically meaningful splitting of codons after pyrimidine / purine distinctions; such a splitting that is accompanied by the balance of number of atoms in the set of 61 amino acid molecules. In doing so, the increase / decrease of number of atoms occurs in the quantities of decimal units, what can be understood as analogous filling of the orbitals within atoms.


Complet. GC I

Golden and Harmonic Mean in the Genetic Code

Golden and harmonic mean in GC


Published in Proceedings (2014) of the 2nd International Conference “Theoretical Approaches to BioInformation Systems” (TABIS 2013), September 17 – 22, 2013 Belgrade.


In previous two works we have shown the determination of genetic code by golden and harmonic mean within standard Genetic Code Table, i.e. nucleotide triplet table, whereas in this paper we show the same determination through a specific connection between two tables, nucleotide doublets Table, DT, and triplets Table, TT, over polarity of amino acids, measured by Cloister energy.

Enigma of Darwin Diagram

Enigma of Darwin diagram; the second minimally changed version [The first version: “The Darwin (hidden) Code”]

The publication of this article at this place, in pre-print form, has two goals. The first concerns all the curious people who care about scientific truth, especially those who care about the fact that the life-chemistry is more than the chemistry in a test tube. Another goal is intended to, perhaps, interest a potential publisher in my future book, in which this article will be one of several chapters.

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ENIGMA of Darwin;


Енигма Дарвиновог дијаграма; друга, минимално измењена верзија [Прва верзија: „Дарвинов (скривени) код”]

Објављивање овог чланка на овом месту, у пре-принт форми, има два циља. Први се тиче свих радозналаца којима је стало до научне истине, посебно до сазнања да је хемија живота више од хемије у епрувети. Други је циљ да, евентуално, заинтересује потенцијалног издавача моје будуће књиге, у којој ће овај чланак бити једно од неколико поглавља.